Would it be encouraging to discover dormant, or hidden creativity buried beneath the chaos of life? Has decision making become more difficult as options diminish? Is creative change needed, but trusting decisions seems high risk. Be encouraged to know that risk can be minimized, vision can become clear, and decisions can be made with confidence. Life solutions are discovered internally more often than externally. It’s a perfect time to tap the untapped, and release the reservoir that’s been locked inside your life for too long. It’s not too late, and you’re never too old to liberate the creativity that resides within your life. Fresh beginningsRead More →

When Your Vision Is Under Attack

You probably began this journey with a mental photo of something God placed in your heart. It was called, “your vision,” or maybe, “your heart’s desire.” As time and circumstances evolved that picture became cloudy, more difficult to define, or perhaps disappeared beneath the debris of life. When life happens, much of what we hold dear gets pushed beneath the happenings of life. We make tradeoffs and deals. We tell ourselves to wait until circumstances are better, then try again. Putting off personal desires seem to be wisdom as family provision often takes preeminence. We ultimately trade ourselves out of our vision, dreams and goals.Read More →

Caught Between Seasons

Have you ever felt like you were locked between two seasons? You know another season is emerging, but the season you’re in right now refuses to give way to release the new. This struggle often saps all your energy and has a negative effect on your emotions. It can also be described as living in a hallway. You’ve left one room and the door has closed prohibiting a return to the old room. However, the door you hoped would open hasn’t opened and it doesn’t look like it’s going to open anytime soon. You’re left between yesterday’s room, which is completed and tomorrow’s room whichRead More →

Over the past few months there has been a repeated phrase I hear when speaking with ministers and Christian leaders. It’s short, and simply goes like this, “I’m just so tired.” That’s a phrase often overlooked, or we even gently tease the “tired” one, and the phrase passes without much ado. However, I begin to sense the Holy Spirit speaking to my life about this subject matter and I will share a few thoughts. This tired feeling isn’t caused by a full calendar that makes demands every hour of every day. It’s not even the result of too many irons in the fire. This tiredRead More →

For those who came from yesteryear the phrase, “Keep the Change” meant something had been paid for and there was a small amount of money due back to the buyer. Rather than taking the small, insignificant amount from the seller, the buyer would simply say, “Keep the Change” and walk away without being bothered with something insignificant. Well, things have changed! Oops, there’s the word “change” again. This change isn’t something we can give to another and walk away. It’s an atmosphere filled with issues of life that demand we adjust whether we have chosen those adjustments. Life seems to evolve within an atmosphere ofRead More →