Doggett Leadership Institute

It was about 36,000 feet in the air returning from an overseas trip the thought of a leadership institute was born. Hearing the heartfelt request of leaders for tools to expand their effectiveness became the incubator that ultimately brought forth Doggett Leadership Institute (DLI). This institute is a vital extension of Gerald Doggett Ministries, Inc.

With change a constant and always remembering that “No One Succeeds Alone,” this institute is designed to provide information for those yearning to help themselves achieve desired outcomes. We also provide mentoring for others who want a networking experience.

Footprints of DLI are already in South America, Central America, Africa as well as the United States. We provide an effective structure to expand resources and develop generational leadership for today and the future.

Any seed you sow in the form of a donation, is deeply appreciated and will be part of our constant expansion of Doggett Leadership Institute.